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Skin color (or skin tone) is determined by the amount and type of melanin pigment contained in your skin cells. Variations in skin color are mainly genetic in origin. Dark skin protects against ultraviolet sunlight that can produce mutations in skin cells, which in turn may cause skin cancers and premature skin aging. Light-skinned persons have a much greater risk of developing skin cancer, compared with dark-skinned persons, assuming equal sunlight exposure, and light skin ages more quickly. Skin tone is unique in everyone, but you can use the general categories (above) to guide your choices of make-up to best highlight your skin tone.
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DermaNail Nail Lacquer SkinMedica 15% AHA/BHA
Our Price: $20.00
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Our Price: $42.00
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DermaNail Nail Lacquer SkinMedica 15% AHA/BHA