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Dermatologist Recommended Acne Scar Cream

Types of Acne Scars • Hypertrophic scars: raised, firm thickenings of skin, sometimes red, most commonly occur on back and shoulders. • Atrophic scars: depressed skin (lower than surrounding skin). • Pitted scars: deep, narrow scars that are nicknamed “ice pick scars” due to their appearance. • Acne scars are not the purple, brown or red discolorations that are noticed on the skin immediately after a pimple heals. These marks are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). PIH resolves gradually over months, and it does not leave scars in most cases. Fade acne scars with professional acne scarring cream from Medderm. Browse our acne scar cream selection below for the right product to fade acne scars at home:
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Alyria Exfoliating Cream Level 2
Alyria Exfoliating Cream Level 2
Our Price: $40.00

Level 2 helps refine pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines, leaving skin smoother and more radiant.